• Innovation strategy definition: with 20+ years of experience in R&D we plan your fast track for a successful innovation and exploitation of results
  • Preparation of funding applications: >25% success rate in the last ten years. (15 %point more than the average)
  • Project execution management: more than 30 complex projects with large consortia successfully managed in the last 10 years
  • Communication planning and implementation: we advise and we achieve your best visibility for your project and for your project results towards the funding agencies, your partners, your customers and the community of stakeholders by making smart use of mass- and social-media networks


  • We assess your organization and help you to identify the most effective innovation strategy.
  • We advise the most appropriate funding sources amongst the national and the European calls as well as the best and most inspiring partners which will collaboratively motivate and co-create your expected achievements
  • We achieve with you the roll-out of an open innovation scheme with agile methods that accelerate the development of your dreams


  • Excellence: we assess your technical inputs and provide the appropriate formulation and wording
  • Ambition: we advise the apppropriate level of progress beyond the state of the art with repect to the objectives of the call/tender
  • Methdology: we design the path towards the advancement of the technology readiness level of your ideas
  • Impact: we co-create with your partners the appropriate return of investments for your company and in the overall framework of the call
  • Implementation plan: we set the steps to reach the project goals taking into accountrisks and time constraints
  • Financial plan: we calculate your effort and we mentor the formulation of a sustainable budget
  • Proposal Submission: we achieve the submission of your proposal in the funding agencies’ portals within the defined deadlines (click day)

    • We provide lean and effective PMO (project management office) services tailored to your needs, i.e. we support the follow-up of your activities, meetings, deliverables, milestones, time constraints and risk monitoring
    • We provide on-demand technical coordination services for the entire project as well as for a single partner, workpackage or cluster
    • We ensure a timely delivery of your technical reports as well as your financial statements to the partners and funding agencies by advising the right content and wording


    • We take care of your results ensuring the best promotion within the partnership, the customers, the policy makers and the stakeholders
    • We maximize the impact by developing, assessing and supporting your exploitation strategy
    • Through our network of communication experts, we develop a communication plan and handle all public communications on the web, in the social media community, through mass-media and in the scientific community (papers, articles, flyers, videos….)
    • Through our network of IP experts, we help you to develop an exploitation plan towards a swift commercial take-up of your innovations