A paradigm change in the mobility habits

  • The transition to a new paradigm of mobility has started largely in advance to the corona crisis
  • The corona crisis has just accelerated the process shifting the mobility focus from owned car to shared and connected transportation
  • Nowadays the car is needed only for specific necessities and for a limited amount of time, the large majority of the needs can be fulfilled by other means
  • Other means of transportation (two wheelers, public transportation…)
  • Other means of procurement (e-commerce, C2C transaction, local/regional collective purchase)
  • For young generation the car is seen as a secondary needs, where many communication necessities can be fulfilled online or with public/shared transportation
Young generations have a higher attention for environment and sustainability, health and sport, while they strive for sporty and outdoor lifestyle

A) Mobility as a Service: i.e. the fastest/cheapest way to move someone/something from A to B
B) Owned mobility more and more a choice of fun rather than of necessity

Extremely digital

  • We design conventional and non-conventional electrical machines and drives with the aid of the most advanced CAE techniques encompassing electromagnetic and multi-physic simulations as well as digital twinning technologies
  • We support the design and the deployment of e-mobility systems which include fleets as well as hubs and charging stations with 100% renewable energy sources.
  • We develop Extremely Intelligent, easy-to-fit, easy to use devices and systems for e-bikes, mopeds, two-wheelers
  • We work collaboratively to achieve the best solutions and the highest customer’s satisfaction

extremely human

  • We manage the complexity of the interaction between humans and technology with unique methodologies for end-users’ involvement from early stages of design
  • We ensure the highest acceptance of technological solutions and products by continuously supporting the designers with final customer’s opinions and suggestions
  • We pave the way for a swift exploitation and commercialization of project’s results by an early assessment of market potential and potential issues
  • We provide a framework to comply with ethical guidelines and privacy regulations during the development process and in the piloting phase